FREE Initial Consultation

30 minutes: $0.00

Not every Nutrition Specialist is right for you and not every client is a good fit for me. Therefore, to find out, I offer a free 30-minute initial consultation. During this time we'll talk a bit about what you want health-wise and I'll share my basic philosophies when it comes to eating. If we're a good match, we'll decide where to take it from there! If not, we go our separate ways. Either way, you'll walk away from our chat with a few tips about how you can improve your health and wellness, so you can't lose!

3-Month Nutrition Coaching

45 minutes: $525.00

If you're ready to begin your health and wellness journey but are a little apprehensive about whether you'll like working with a Nutrition Specialist, this package is for you! With my 3-month Nutrition Coaching package, you will receive biweekly phone or internet sessions (each one 45 minutes) where we will discuss your goals, your obstacles, and how to overcome them. During each session, we'll talk about the changes you can make to during the next couple of weeks to get where you want to be long-term. Plus, by having an accountability partner you can check in with regularly -- one who can help you make tweaks if something isn't working -- it's just a matter of time before your goals are a reality!

6-Month Nutrition Coaching

45 minutes: $875.00

If you're truly ready to change your diet for the better and committed to doing this long-term (which also means long-term results, by the way), this package is for you! With the 6-Month Nutrition Coaching, you receive 45-minute biweekly coaching sessions via the phone or internet. During each session, we will discuss your goals, your challenges, and find ways to overcome them. And if you have questions in between sessions, I'm just an email away!